Terms and Conditions

Your contribution is very important to us
As long as you reached this page, you are definitely either a professional blogger, or you seek to be a professional blogger that contributes to enriching the digital cultural content of Fakeen.

Quality content is our only condition
And because the slogan raised by Fakin since the first day of its launch is (content quality and reliability), we have set a set of criteria that must be applied in all the contributions we receive, in order to get priority in publishing and benefiting..

You can leave an imprint for your business
Fakeen website opens the door wide for doctors and writers – professionals and students – and researchers who conduct scientific research from all over the Arab world, to contribute their ideas in all areas covered by the magazine, and to expand the enrichment of the Arab network on the educational network.

interactive content
Publishing on the Fakin website is not only limited to blogging, but also includes interactive content such as videos, picture information or audio blogging, all of these contents are welcome as long as they are intended for publication through Togos exclusively and have not yet been published on any blog. We will support your content technically.

We respect copyright
Each submitted content will belong only to its owner, we respect the copyright, and the publisher has the freedom to act and modify at any time he wants, or even remove or make the content in paid form at any time he wants.

Publication Terms (Terms and Conditions)
Public opinion and scientific accuracy
The articles published on the site necessarily express the opinion of the owner, not the opinion of the magazine’s editorial staff. Priority is always given to articles based on clinical experience and scientific evidence in their precise ideas and formulation.

The writer has the right to freely review his personal or clinical experiences in his article, as long as it falls within the areas covered by the site and is concerned with dentistry.

Copying and pasting from any other Arabic site is strictly prohibited
Articles full of linguistic and grammatical errors will not be paid attention to. Only these errors will be overridden when they appear unintended by the writer, in cases of omission.

Unwelcome posting topics
Fakin is not a platform for publishing political or religious news or articles. No news or articles offensive to any (sect – religion – gender – race – faction) in the Arab world will be considered.

Any translated news must contain the source.
It is better for the writer to send the images he finds suitable for the content of the article, mentioning their source in the case of translated articles.. The site has the right to use them or refuse them.

An educational beacon for all
Fakeen website opens the door for publishing articles/reports/studies conducted exclusively by individuals or educational institutions in dentistry..and ensures the greatest degree of credibility for its spread.

To enrich the content in Arabic..
It can be said that Fakeen is an old and modern project that aspires to make dentistry expressive and readable in our classical Arabic. It was part of the idea of ​​Fakeen. The site has become in a different name and form, as well as with completely different features and management. We are pleased to receive your inquiries via the site’s mail.

This is a test site
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